“HR Interim Management – a really good solution”

Companies resort to different strategies to deal with bottlenecks that may arise in Human Resources: Duties and responsibilities can be shared among the team; colleagues can be transferred from other affiliated companies; while projects can be outsourced. Assigning an external HR Manager can often prove to have many advantages compared to other solutions.  

Colleagues often give me feedback as to how much they value the independent perspective on their company that I give them. My experience from having worked across all industry sectors is particularly helpful in situations involving the establishment of processes and structures in Human Resources. Especially when renegotiating conditions for the purchase of services or when accompanying Change Management processes and reorganisation in the organisation.

A significant advantage of my role as Interim HR Manager lies in the fact that I am only at a company for a limited timeframe. Since my professional future is not tied up with such a company on the long term, I am essentially able to retain a neutral stance in conflict situations and in my dealings with people: I am a free agent and with that being the case I will give the project at hand my wholehearted attention.

Frequently Interim HR Managers are better able to find solutions to temporary problems. My core competency is learning the ropes in new company and corporate cultures and industry sectors within the shortest possible space of time. By virtue of my specialisation in project work I deploy resources in a target-orientated manner and in so doing thereby very rapidly achieve a high-level of productivity.  My experience in project-based modus operandi is especially expressed in project completion: I recognise my clients’ information needs and meticulously document every aspect of the services I am providing them with. A good handover will ensure that no knowledge is lost.

The following examples will give you an idea as to how I collaborate with companies in a HR Interim Management capacity. For privacy reasons the examples shall remain anonymous.

SERVICES                      PROFIL                         PROJECTS             

Project |01


Interim HR Business Partner in a European matrix organisation

An international corporation was looking for support from a substitute abroad for a secondment in HR Interim Management. The client wanted to solve his requirement on an interim basis because external expertise was only required for a limited period only and a stand-in within the context of temporary employment was out of the question. The focal point of the position in the company’s qualification profile was on operational Human Resources; additionally it was expected of the Interim HR Manager to work together closely with the Works Councils or Trade Unions.

The role I was deployed in on behalf of the company was as ‘sparring partner’ for management and its senior executives in all aspects of Human Resources. The implementation of individual personnel measures like hiring, transfers and redeployment formed an integral part of my area of responsibility, as did the issuing of disciplinary notices and dismissals. Thanks to my Industrial Relations experience in collaborating with employee representatives I succeeded in implementing various reorganisation measures and renegotiating various collective bargaining agreements.



Project |02


Interim Recruiter for a start-up

When an up-and-coming e-commerce company had to fill numerous positions in the Corporate Services and IT departments, management decided to use this as an opportunity to explore new avenues regarding recruiting. In the past, how those responsible in HR would mainly proceed was to place a job advertisement and work together with external HR agencies. In the future they want to approach applicants proactively themselves and recruit candidates via social networks and by contacting them directly.  



Based on my experience in Human Resources, consulting and taking the direct approach to recruiting prospective candidates, the start-up contracted me as Interim HR Recruiter. During my role in the company I succeeded in establishing a new culture in staff recruitment: Not only did I occupy important positions myself, but I also trained the HR team in subjects like research, the direct approach methodology, web-recruiting and active sourcing. Since then the company has been using new recruiting tools and addresses applicants more proactively via social networks.

Project |03


Head of HR at a medium-sized client


A high-level medium-sized company was faced with the problem of eight months of impending absenteeism on the part of the HR Manager who was going on parental leave. Coinciding with this development was the simultaneous resignation of two personnel administrators, which meant that additionally the training of a new staff member had to be secured. This shortage was especially sensitive because fundamental organisational change processes were pending.


The client therefore decided to capitalise on collaborating with an Interim HR Manager. It was my responsibility within the process of change to ensure that reliable personnel support would continue to be safeguarded. My role had an operational character and the focal point was collaboration with employee representatives. I succeeded in putting into practice numerous organisational change measures in close cooperation with management. Moreover I oversaw a variety of staff termination cases – with this being the case the client was able to reduce costs at external law firms significantly.


Project |04


Interim Recruiter for a Mechanical Engineer

A manufacturer in the mechanical engineering sector needed support with recruiting during a growth phase. Aside from filling a variety of vacancies, contracts with executive search consultancies had to be renegotiated. In addition to this the Interim HR Manager had to recruit candidates himself by making direct contact in order to safeguard the rapid occupation of positions in a highly competitive market of candidates. 

During my time in the company I revised and optimised existing HR processes. Within six months I succeeded in successfully filling 12 vacancies of which some were critical to operations. Not only did I conduct job interviews and counsel senior executives in staff decisions, but I also succeeded in obtaining significant purchasing advantages when enlisting recruitment agencies.