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HR Interim Management: The optimal solution for your HR projects

HR Interim Management by an experienced HR expert is an excellent solution for planning and implementing HR projects quickly and professionally. With an HR Interim Manager, companies have the opportunity to react flexibly to individual needs in the implementation of Personnel Management projects.


With an HR Interim Manager, even measures that are very demanding can be put into effect without the HR Department feeling overwhelmed. Whatever your project, you can book my expertise in the field of Human Resources flexibly.

Precision planning for and implementation of Human Resources projects 

For me, precise planning means: I take responsibility for your project. I don't rely on textbooks, but come up with solutions to practical problems. Not every project always runs according to plan. With having plenty of experience to my name in the project business, I have also encountered my share of critical situations.


In practical project work, I don't think in terms of problems but instead, look for solutions. My practical experience quickly allows me to identify critical milestones in the project flow. I hedge all project risks and am able to prioritise any issues that come up optimally. This is how I ensure that in the end projects are implemented successfully.

Concentrated HR expertise for your projects 

Not all projects are created equal – and Project Management is not the same everywhere. Even though projects in the Human Resources sector may seem comparatively less complex on the surface, still they demand plenty of specialised knowledge regarding Human Resources. Alongside efficient Project Management and forward-looking Stakeholder Management, extensive Human Resources expertise is often required. Thanks to being broadly positioned in terms of my training and experience, I’m able to cover the entire spectrum of the Human Resources side of things with my services.


Whether it's about digitalising Human Resources, introducing smart Human Resources approaches like Agile software or redesigning Performance Management, at the end of the day what matters is that: I’m a Human Resources Generalist and have a long list of references for successfully completed assignments. As a consultant, making Human Resources my focus is a self-evident no-brainer for me.


You stand to gain from the fact that I have already solved countless problems in Human Resources for other clients successfully. The challenges I have been faced with in the conceptualisation and organisation of at times very difficult assignments, also stand to profit new projects. What past experience has taught me, will serve me well for the benefit of your company.


Open issues – pack them into a project to solve them

Many Personnel Departments today experience high workloads on limited resources. In scenarios like this, important matters often fall by the way or can no longer be dealt with adequately. HR Interim Management can provide the opportunity for your Personnel Department to become functional again in its ability to be proactive. I invite you to seize the day and take advantage of an opportunity like this by outsourcing any open issues. Why not pack pending tasks into a project and have them solved by an experienced consultant? In effect, all it takes to deal with a whole host of HR issues is a timeframe of between three to six months. Smaller tasks can be accomplished on a part-time basis. Think of the new lease on life your Human Resources Department can be benefiting from at the same time. A breath of fresh air like this from ‘outside’ will go a long way in making sure that your HR Management has its finger on the pulse once again.

HR projects at a glance

I can say from experience: New projects – familiar problems. What HR projects do you still have pending on the frontline? What tasks in your company need to be attended to? Where are you looking for support?

In the last few years I’ve worked for clients from very diverse sectors and business sizes and have dealt with some very diverse issues. The following are intended to give you an idea of some of the HR Interim Management project work I do for clients.

For reasons of confidentiality and to avoid any conclusions drawn about them, they shall remain anonymous. 

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