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Are you in need of a transformation and change management HR professional?

HR Restructuring & Change Management: 

Shaping change 

An important focus of my tasks as an HR Interim Manager is HR Management during restructuring. Markets and the preconditions for competition keep changing and at an alarming rate at that.  Companies have to react flexibly to this state of affairs and adapt business models and work processes. Human Resources plays an important role when it comes to the implementation of change. What this means is that: Companies need specialised knowledge for HR restructuring. As an experienced HR Manager, I can offer my experience in the conceptualisation of and implementation of change measures. I won’t subject you to lofty advice or a PowerPoint slide show. My expertise lies in the practical implementation of change projects. I make it my mission to reach people in the company and together we’ll garner the acceptance of upcoming measures. Only then can change succeed and last.

Meeting challenges flexibly

The resources available to Personnel Departments are often a far cry from what is needed to cover restructuring projects. Day-to-day business when it comes to HR must after all go on. A company rarely permanently needs practical knowledge on: Job cuts; protection against dismissal; reconciliation of interests & social plan; and transfer companies. Therefore it makes sense to buy in this new expertise externally for a limited period of time. Change projects challenge me as an HR Manager – eliciting my services can offer companies the opportunity to react flexibly to restructuring and transformation.

» HR Management during restructuring combines resources that are lacking in day-to-day operations. The use of an HR Interim Manager ensures that the functionability of your HR Department remains intact so it is fully capable of acting even in turbulent times. «

Lars Schott, HR Manager

HR Interim Manager Berlin

This is what HR Interim Management can offer restructuring:

  • A change agent in change processes

  • Negotiation of severance packages and supervision of volunteer programmes

  • Implementation of staff reductions

  • Negotiation of reconciliation of interests and social plan

  • Calculation of restructuring costs and budget control

  • Project Management and stakeholder support

  • Filing of the mass dismissal notification

  • Establishment of transfer companies

  • A new HR strategy for a company’s realignment

  • Communicating change

Restructuring goes way beyond Labour Law 

Restructuring measures are not limited to the topic of Labour Law. Often companies no longer function optimally as an organisation. In cases like this, terminating employment relationships or unilaterally reducing personnel costs only provide limited relief. This raises the question: Why? Far more important would be to kindle a new and better performance culture among staff members that will make them willing to act more flexibly and productively. Concepts for staff restructuring must always be linked to concrete content. My part in Change Management is therefore not only in providing support for the implementation of staff reduction concepts, but also in designing the necessary new change processes. Professional restructuring not only requires new processes and structures, but new values that are effective.


Shaping change together

In the long run, nobody can be compelled to act against his or her own will. Restructuring and cost-cutting measures cannot be imposed unilaterally. The workforce must recognise the need for change. Like this, it will go along with the reduction of personnel costs, new models for working hours or even changed working conditions. My work in Change Management is strongly relationship-orientated. HR restructuring goes way beyond consulting: An important task for me as an HR Manager is to help orientate people in change processes. We’ll put the new changes into effect together, lining up companies to be success and future orientated.


Change Management – every project is different

It’s a rarity to see Change Management projects unfold textbook-style. The unforeseen will always rear its ugly head and put spanners in the works of planning.  As an external consultant it’s par for the course to be confronted with scenarios like this. Responding to these flexibly, recognising critical milestones, informing all stakeholders reliably and thinking on one’s feet independently – this can go a long way in HR restructuring. To this end, I adapt project plans individually and flexibly to the needs of the company and I always have a feel for what is ‘doable’ and what is not. 

» Critical situations have come my way in a whole variety of projects. Thanks to many years of experience, I handle pressure well. Even when it comes to difficult projects, I won’t shy away from implementing them. «

Lars Schott, HR Manager

Interim Manager Human Resources

The advantages of using an "outsider" 

As an external HR Manager, I’m able to bring to the table professional distancing. This is important for carrying out restructuring successfully. Since I’m not part of the organisation myself, I’m able to look at the project from an objective perspective. Works Councils in particular value my independent opinion. Adopting a certain attitude won’t garner me any advantages or career opportunities in the company. This can give me the edge over a permanent HR Manager when it comes to recommending compromises. 

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