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Interim Recruiting

Is there a lack of recruiting resources in your HR department?

Interim Recruiting: The road to success in the competition for talent

A shortage of skilled workers for companies in Germany is a given. And the battle for the best talent is fierce. Companies are finding that sourcing and recruiting skilled workers and managers is becoming increasingly challenging. In the light of the prevailing circumstances: the recruiting of the right skilled workers is a decisive factor in the success of companies. The smart solution: Interim Recruiting by an experienced HR expert. 

The smart alternative to the headhunter

Interim Recruiting can go a long way in achieving more than headhunters or personnel consultancies can. These have large candidate networks, but are not very flexible in terms of fees and services. More often than not they look after many clients from one industry at the same time. Most of the time it’s a matter of placing a candidate from the database. As an Interim Recruiter, I take a different approach. I work on site in companies and adapt my services individually. Depending on the respective requirement profile, I search for the best talent via social networks or approach candidates directly. I can also support your team flexibly in the outsourcing of personnel consultations or in conducting interviews. In short: I am there wherever support is needed.

What is the biggest advantage of using an Interim Recruiter?

In my capacity as Interim Recruiter I become part of the team in companies and get to familiarise myself with the in-house culture. With this the case, I’ll develop a feel very quickly for which candidates really fit the position. How I bill you is not contingent upon the salary package in question, but is based on a fixed daily rate. Besides, this also works out cheaper than using personnel consultancies and like this, controlling costs is guaranteed. Perhaps additional support you need with other issues also comes to mind? I’ll gladly be of service to revise your recruiting processes or your employer branding, to name only the tip of the iceberg of what I can offer companies.

» To me making use of an Interim Recruiter can be compared to the making of a bespoke suit. I respond to your individual needs and provide tailored advice. «

Lars Schott, HR Manager

Interim Recruiting

Interim Recruiting: Personnel for your company’s growth

Growth in companies rarely takes place ongoing. Usually, there are growth phases during which the need for new employees grows along with the success of aforesaid companies. High recruiting volumes are rarely constant. Interim Recruiting is ideal for reacting at short notice and building up additional resources. In this way, you can secure the external support of an experienced HR Manager to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of the competition for top talent – and at the same time this allows you to continue to grow.

Interim Recruiting means understanding you

The individual needs of my clients form the basis of Interim Recruiting. This is the focus of my approach to consulting: I first have to understand exactly which skill-sets you attach particular importance to. To do this, I need to get to know the company, its way of working, the team and the processes well. Only then is it possible for me as an Interim Recruiter to create a suitable search profile. And if you go with me you’ll have another very important advantage: As an outsider with an outside perspective, I can make an unbiased assessment of whether a candidate fits the company or not.

My services as an Interim Recruiter

With my many years of experience in personnel consulting, I cover all areas of recruiting: From active sourcing via executive search firms in highly competitive candidate markets; to the commissioning and outsourcing of personnel consultancies. Often I’ll use these methods side by side depending on the respective search profile and the candidate market. And experience has taught me that decisive to the successful recruiting of talent by companies is a mix of different methods. 

The interview

A competencies-based interview is how I conduct my interviews and very methodically at that. It differs from the classic job interview in that the questions I ask refer to predefined skill sets for the job. Like this I can focus on the actual potential of the prospective employee and how he or she will conduct him- or herself in the future. As an Interim Recruiter, I have also worked with capabilities analyses and feel confident with the variety of assessments I employ. I rely on various psychological test procedures – always keeping in mind the actual requirements profile.

» Interim Recruiting is more than simply sifting through CVs: I’ll find you people who’ll fit into your team! «

Lars Schott, HR Manager

Interim Recruiter Berlin

Typical tasks in Interim Recruiting

In addition to the compilation of requirement profiles and the conceptualisation of job advertisements, consulting on the search strategy to be used is part of what I do daily. Working closely with you, I’ll work out job titles, select suitable media, compile interview guidelines, take care of deadlines and appointments, enlist the help of executive search firms, pre-select candidates and conduct the interviews..

Interim Recruiting in a nutshell


A high number of vacancies can be filled more easily and successfully at short notice by involving an Interim Recruiter as an experienced expert. If a job application process takes too long, suitable talents will opt out. Feedback must therefore be provided promptly. What must also be borne in mind is that applicant markets are also in a state of flux, which means that recruiting requirements are constantly changing. With an Interim Recruiter by your side, your Personnel Management is well positioned for:

  • Effectively marketing companies in the competition for talent

  • The challenge of having to recruit a high volume of new employees 

  • Conducting interviews according to competence-based interview methods

  • Quick feedback after an interview

  • The training of managers in interview methods

  • Offering advice on the selection of personnel consultancies

  • The renegotiation of conditions regarding temporary employment & personnel consultancies

  • The optimisation and reorganisation of recruiting processes

  • Offering advice re: an employer branding strategy overhaul

Please feel free to contact me. Together we’ll find exactly the right Interim Recruiting package for you.

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