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HR Generalist

Project example :

"HR Generalist at a mid-sized company"

Interim HR Generalist at a mid-sized company

The client in this project was the subsidiary of an international corporation with mid-sized structures. Due to the maternity leave of an HR Generalist, the company sought external support in Human Resources Management.

Project »Interim HR Generalist«

The company's HR department operated using agile methods, and each HR manager could handle the entire spectrum of day-to-day human resources tasks. Therefore, the client sought an Interim Manager for Human Resources with a broad profile capable of handling a mix of operational and strategic tasks.My services in the project »Interim HR Generalist« included:

  • Operational and strategic HR management

  • Comprehensive personnel support

  • Compensation & Benefits: Revision of a collective compensation system

  • Collaborative work with works councils

  • Fundamental issues and collective employment conditions

  • Implementation of agile working methods

The Starting Point

I began the project as a full-time Interim HR Generalist for the client. The company had been allowing its employees to work from home for many years. The employer had developed a corporate culture that was very open to location-independent collaboration.

»As an Interim HR Generalist, I am an all-rounder in the HR department, capable of handling not only traditional business matters but also tackling complex HR issues.«

Lars Schott, HR Manager
Interim HR Generalist

Project Progress

A key focus of my role as an HR Generalist was providing support for employees across various subsidiaries. The scope of care extended from administrative personnel and executives at the corporate headquarters to manual workers at different company locations. Accordingly, the operational HR support covered diverse topics, such as:

  • Support for Expatriates (specialized or managerial staff on international assignments)

  • Discussions about absenteeism due to illness

  • Recruitment of specialized and managerial staff

The company had various positions vacant at different locations, which we successfully filled during our collaboration. Additionally, I worked with a colleague to revamp employer branding, aiming to sharpen the company's profile and strengthen its employer brand—a crucial step for effective recruitment.

Collective Employment Conditions

In addition to the responsibilities as an Interim HR Generalist, the company needed an expert well-versed in collective employment conditions and fundamental HR matters. As a subsidiary of an international conglomerate, several parent company policies needed implementation. The client entrusted me with the following HR tasks:

  • Introduction of a collective life insurance as a group contract

  • Implementation of health and safety guidelines for a fair corporate culture

  • Ensuring support for victims after accidents

  • Introduction of a digital travel tool

  • Adjustment of the travel policy


Furthermore, as an Interim HR Generalist, I contributed to a project introducing mobile workstations and collaborated with colleagues on a concept for the introduction of shared-desk workstations.

Compensation & Benefits

Contemporary compensation systems are becoming increasingly important in times of skilled labor shortages and are a central part of strategic HR management. However, a compensation system can only be successful if it aligns with the company's overall strategy and HR strategy. Together with a colleague, I, as an Interim HR Generalist, addressed these issues throughout the project. All positions at the company were evaluated using a grading system, a job evaluation procedure. The challenge was that there were few comparable functions within the company, and job descriptions changed frequently. Consequently, the client faced a significant effort in reevaluating positions.

During our collaboration, we, together with HR colleagues, developed a concept to replace the grading system with a modified job family approach.

Project Outcomes

In addition to the day-to-day operations of an Interim HR Generalist, I played a role as a business partner in the revision of the collective compensation system, adjustment of employment conditions in line with the parent company, clarification of many fundamental HR questions, and the enhancement of the company's profile through employer branding. These efforts make the company more attractive to talent and enhance the effectiveness of the HR department in recruitment.

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