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HR Business Partner:
Expert support on a temporary basis

External HR Management:

Efficiency through Experience

Human Resources Management: What is it? Modern HR management aims to optimally deploy people within the company. The individual is not just a production factor but is meant to unfold their potentials meaningfully within the organization. Today, administrative personnel management is complemented by strategic and organizational consulting. The HR manager has the crucial task of aligning the knowledge and skills of employees with the goals of the organization. Modern HR management flexibly employs various methods to ensure that individuals are in the right positions within the company, contributing to value creation.

Rethinking HR Management

In recent years, many companies have realigned their HR management—consistently addressing the needs of corporate leadership, management, and employees. The HR manager serves as a vital interface between management and the workforce. Aligning all these requirements and directing them towards success requires a wealth of experience. Today's HR manager is no longer just an administrative manager but, as an HR business partner, actively contributes to the long-term success of the company. Committed and effective work forms the foundation for this. Resources must be secured, work processes structured and optimized, and incentive or reward systems established.

Operational HR Management

A focal point of my work as an HR Interim Manager is not only strategic HR management but also operational personnel management. I oversee the entire value chain of modern HR work, with the employee as a customer at its center. My tasks include:

  • All measures of personnel support

  • Taking over recruiting and onboarding processes

  • Drafting contracts

  • Employee support

  • Conducting employee and conflict discussions

  • Advising executives

  • Attending appointments at labor courts


Strategic HR Management

In addition, as an HR manager, I advise my clients in strategic human resource management. The goal is to link personnel strategies with organizational objectives in the long term. As a central consultant to the executive level, the HR manager is a strategic partner for strategy implementation. Policies and initiatives are developed at the personnel level that affect the entire company. Key topics in strategic HR management include:

  • Talent acquisition – succeeding in the competition for the best

  • Concepts for cultural change processes in the company

  • HR analytics to determine key metrics

  • Shaping the reorganization of companies in steering committees

  • Facilitating union contract negotiations

  • Strategic approaches to workforce development and retention

  • Aligning personnel planning with the company's long-term plans


HR Interim Management offers the advantage for companies to flexibly respond to new requirements, introduce innovations, and secure competitive advantages. I always ensure that processes operate within the established guidelines.

Digitalization in Human Resources Management

The major driver for changes in Human Resources Management is the digital transformation. In this context, it holds true that HR management can greatly benefit from digitization. The digital transformation provides new opportunities for the HR department, allowing much more time to focus on business and employee care.


As an HR Interim Manager, I support the digitization of Human Resources, including:

  • Digitization of administrative services through Employee Self Services

  • Implementation of HCM software solutions

  • Use of document management systems

  • Introduction of electronic personnel files

  • Digital administration of training and business trips

  • Digitization of complex business processes

The spectrum of modern HR management ensures that you do not overlook the future of your company. HR management that consistently considers digital transformation efficiently deploys talents and resources within the organization. An organizational culture must be created that promotes digital transformation and alleviates the fear of change for works councils and employees. This requires not only digital concepts but also the professional involvement of employee representatives.

HR Management Needs Generalists

In diverse HR projects, I can bring in my varied experiences in personnel management. Therefore, I see myself as an HR all-rounder: In addition to legal expertise, often, business know-how or knowledge from the areas of personnel and organizational development is required. In times of specialization, HR requires a generalist who is well-rounded, possesses expertise in personnel matters, and looks beyond the immediate scope.

»As an Interim Manager for Human Resources, I am a catalyst for change. I support your HR department in the introduction of Agile HR and New Work, the development of your HR portfolio, or the implementation of new processes. «

Lars Schott, HR Manager

Interim HR Manager Berlin

Interim Personnel Management

Interim management often involves temporary leadership. A crucial task of an Interim Manager for Human Resources is frequently to temporarily take over personnel management. The challenge for an Interim Personnel Manager is to lead a team in a transitional situation without having direct disciplinary authority. This can only be achieved with extensive expertise, years of professional experience, and strong interpersonal skills.


I have successfully led teams in various companies and industries. I excel at quickly establishing good rapport with employees and adapting my leadership style to suit the specific needs of the organization. I am accustomed to independently familiarizing myself with the individual needs as an external HR manager.

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