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Interim HR Business Partner

Project example :

"HR Business Partner in a matrix organization"

Interim HR Business Partner in a Matrix Organization

An internationally operating corporation sought an Interim HR Business Partner for a period of eight months as maternity leave cover. The vacancy could not be filled through temporary employment as the requirements for an Interim HR Business Partner were too senior. It was crucial for the company to ensure that the HR department remained fully functional during the period of representation.

Project "Interim HR Business Partner"

In addition to the responsibilities of the Interim HR Business Partner, the client had outsourced various project activities to me as an HR Interim Manager. The focal points of my tasks in the Human Resources area in this company included:

  • Interim HR Business Partner for four group companies

  • Operational HR management for 250 employees

  • Optimization of existing HR processes

  • Collective bargaining law: Introduction of a new collective agreement

  • Negotiation partner for works agreements

The Initial Situation

The challenge as an Interim HR Business Partner for this project was that the position to be covered was located in the corporate headquarters and various group companies throughout the country were to be managed by me. The client placed great importance on my high personal presence at different locations as an Interim HR Business Partner. Therefore, for this project, I had to be extremely flexible and mobile.

Project Progress

As an independent HR Interim Manager, I am accustomed to quickly and independently familiarizing myself with new topics. Every two weeks, I was on-site as an Interim HR Business Partner at the decentralized locations. Personal contact was particularly advantageous for personnel management and collaboration with works councils. Operational tasks included personnel management at the locations, implementing personnel measures, and recruiting skilled professionals. As an Interim HR Business Partner, I also took on the role of advising the site manager in strategic HR management.

Additional tasks during the course of the project included:

  • Operational HR Management

  • Comprehensive Personnel Support from A to Z

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Developing various works agreements on working hours

  • Supervising the introduction of IT software solutions

  • Negotiating allowances and difficulties with the works council

  • Active Stakeholder Management in a matrix organization

»I proactively engage with all stakeholders in the company and independently contribute to the processes«

Lars Schott, HR Manager

Interim HR Business Partner


The conditions in the job market varied significantly depending on the location in Germany, such as differences in the unemployment rate or wage levels. Despite these unequal conditions, the client emphasized the importance of consistent employment conditions throughout the entire company. During the project, a new compensation collective agreement was introduced. In my role as an HR Business Partner, I prepared recommendations for the classification of employees. As a member of the so-called Joint Commission, I was also involved in the decision-making process regarding classification. The classification of employees into tariff groups often involves various conflicting interests, as was the case here. As an Interim HR Business Partner, I could approach emerging conflicts in a very objective manner and quickly find solutions.


After eight months of serving as an Interim HR Business Partner, I successfully completed the assignment: the operational HR daily business ran smoothly at all locations, HR processes throughout the entire company were adjusted and optimized—drawing from my experience as an HR Interim Manager, I could leverage a wealth of best-practice examples—a new collective agreement was introduced, taking into account all requirements, collective agreements were redefined, employees became familiar with the new IT software, and negotiations with the works council were satisfactorily concluded for all parties.

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