“HR Interim Management is the flexible solution to a changing workplace.”


External HR Management is the flexible solution to the challenges facing a rapidly changing workplace. Irrespective of whether you need a maternity leave stand-in replacement, have to fill a gap caused by an unforeseen vacancy or require temporary support with staff restructuring measures: My role as Interim HR Manager allows me to  offer companies flexible opportunities whereby they can establish additional capacities in Human Resources at short notice.

Excellent interpersonal skills allow me to get involved in new working environments quickly and seamlessly. Even with not having any existing networks in the company I will generally be part of the team after a short period only. I am flexible in my daily work; as standard practice I ensure that I familiarise myself with any new structures and procedures of my own accord. Self-employed, I thrive on the variety that offering my services as a freelancer affords me: With every new client not only do I get to acquaint myself with new industry sectors and companies, but also people within social contexts that could not be more different. 

As Interim HR Manager, it goes without saying that during a particularly intensive project phase I am prepared to work outside working hours; my project-free time between contracts leaves me ample scope for my personal and family life.

SERVICES                      PROFIL                         PROJECTS


My clients’ individual needs constitute the basis of my recruiting projects. Since the scope of my work as an Interim Recruiter normally entails work across all industry sectors, I am already able to understand companies and their profile of requirements after being with them for a short period only. My experience base ranges from the traditional role of an in-house recruiter through to the executive placement industry in highly-competitive job markets; all the way to contracts in the active sourcing and web recruiting sectors.

The job interviews I conduct as an Interim Recruiter are done in line with a job interview approach whose methodology relies on competency-based techniques. To conduct applicant selection on my clients’ premises, I have used a variety of psychological test methods. In my capacity as an Interim Recruiter I have deployed a range of assessments successfully. Alongside the traditional roles that Interim Recruiting entails, I also often take charge of additional roles: For instance the optimisation of existing processes, participation in the launch of new software, the formulation of an employer-branding concept and reorganising a company’s university recruiting activities.  

HR Management

My focus when it comes to HR Management is on operational Human Resources projects. As Interim HR Manager I do not only look after business units on my own, but I also double up as the ‘sparring partner’ for management and senior executives in all aspects of Human Resources.

Included in my focus of activity as Interim HR Manager are all measures relating to human relations, conducting employee appraisals and conflict resolution, as well as ensuring that court appointments are observed. On a strategic level, I have developed concepts to reduce absenteeism, have orchestrated the reorganisation of operations via steering committees and as a member of tariff commissions; I have seen through the introduction of new wage treaties.

The diversity that especially all-round projects of a Human Resources Generalist entail is my forte. Aside from my labour law skills, as Interim HR Manager I can also bring my business expertise and knowledge of personnel and organisational development to full use here. 

Industrial Relations

Another area in which my focus regarding HR Interim Management often lies is in collaboration with Works Councils and Trade Unions. As far as I am concerned constructive Industrial Relations should be aimed at reaching consensus. After all, when it comes to the composition of and the system used by Germany’s Works Constitution Act (BetrVG), the legislator proceeds on the assumption that management and labour want to try to find the best possible operational consensus. This willingness to reach consensus in Industrial Relations is all the more compelling if one considers that according to Section § 40 I BetrVG, the employee has to carry the costs of the activities of the Works Council in any case.

When employers commission an Interim HR Manager, this gives them the opportunity to be proactive in asserting their rights to modify or establish a legal relationship that has a bearing on Industrial Relations. Normally the employers’ course of action would only be to react to the Works Council or Trade Unions. With additional capacities established in the area of Industrial Relations, this makes way for the development of a proactive employment policy: The bargaining of agreements can be reworked and renegotiated, important topics brought forward and confrontational topics implemented in a concentrated manner within a set timeframe. From my experience base in a variety of reorganisation projects, I am accustomed to engaging in demanding Industrial Relations situations.

Restructuring & Change Management

I have dealt with the topic of staff Restructuring & Change Management in a variety of projects. Often mine is an interface role between external law firms, management and Works Councils or Trade Unions and affected employers. An important focus of my work is the operational implementation of personnel measures and taking care of industrial disputes. 

From my perspective restructuring measures do no have to limit themselves to the topic of labour law. On the contrary, concepts for personnel restructuring must always be closely linked to content. Often companies no longer function as organisations – employee resignations or one-sided downsizing to reduce staff costs will only provide limited relief.

It is far more important that through an improved performance culture, the preparedness is created among the workforce to act more productively. What I therefore try to do over and above the implementation of staff reorganisation concepts is assist my clients with necessary organisational change and even downsizing.